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I’m Ann Holman, Priority Focus Strategist, PriorityFocusedLife Podcast Host and Creator of the Priority Focused Finances Online Course. (Seeing a theme here?)

Are you a busy, working parent – struggling to take care of your family and connect with friends, all while creating that work/life balance everyone is talking about?

Do you end most days exhausted, too tired to cook dinner or read your children a bedtime story?

I’ve spent the last eighteen years in the Navy, helping Sailors figure out what’s REALLY important to THEM – and how to ensure their lives reflect those values.

…but as I became a mom a little later in life – something I honestly never expected – I struggled to balance my VERY full time career in the Navy with the JOY of raising an Amazing son. I realized that I had gone YEARS simply going and going and going, serving others without truly analyzing MY priorities… MY dreams… and when I finally did…

WOW!!! I suddenly realized I was heading in the completely wrong direction!

Putting my life back on track took a moment… or two… But I now have the formula for aligning our values, what we hold dear, with the direction of our lives!

Now it’s time for me to transfer those skills from the Navy, to help people, like you, to improve our lives, one priority at a time, and to live a life of purpose!

What I do:

  • clarify YOUR priorities: Because who else’s priorities matter?

  • implement foundational strategies: we might have to go to school for this part… getting back to basics…

  • tackle any problems: because… LIFE…

  • hold you accountable: This is about DOING THE WORK!  (Not just letting life happen…)

  • and watch you achieve amazing results!

What I believe:

  • work/life balance doesn’t exist

  • we are all here for a PURPOSE

  • self awareness – self CARE – is where it should always start

What’s next:

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-P.S.  I’m so glad we’re able to connect here!  Looking forward to celebrating your wins, help you with any challenges, and creating a life worth the while!


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