About Ann

Who is Ann?

Simply put:  I’m a single mom, passionate about helping others unlock their potential!

Some History

Military Brat – My Dad was a Marine, so traveling, transferring and meeting new people has always been an integral part of my life.  When my family eventually settled in Georgia, I found creating roots unsettling – and eventually decided to join the US Navy to continue my travels.

Military Life – The military has been everything I hoped for and more!  In addition to traveling the world, and making amazing friends, and all the ups and downs of growing up… the greatest honor was not only serving my country – but serving the Sailors themselves!

Blessed to continue serving – while military life cannot last forever, serving others CAN!  Transitioning out of the Navy it is my passion, and purpose, to use the skills I learned to continue helping others!


It is my passion, to help others identify their priorities (no, not the priorities that they SHOULD have, or they WANT to have, but their ACTUAL PRIORITIES) and then create a life around it!  Together, we will come up with strategies to implement and milestones to measure, to achieve a lifestyle within your purpose!

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